Some organic shimmer and sparkle for your sore eyes this Christmas

December 5th, 2014

Here at NATorigin, we are loving these hypoallergenic eye shadows as they have a subtle shimmer and luxurious shine. This makes them perfect for daytime wear yet buildable for a touch of evening glamour.

NATorigin hypo-allergenic, organic and natural eye shadows for sore eyes

Many women tell me that they have to leave parties early as their eye cosmetics irritate and make their eyes sore and watery. I have also had a reaction to a glittery eyeshadow, the next day my eye was puffy, red and painful all day. Not only do they look good but these eyeshadows are good for the delicate skin on the eyelids thanks to their 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

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About NATorigin

October 24th, 2014

NATorigin is an award winning range of natural and organic skincare and cosmetics that is suitable for extremely sensitive eyes and skin. Formulated with novel anti-ageing, softening and hydrating ingredients including organic arctic raspberry seed oil and cellular red seaweed extract, rich in omega 3,6,9 and silicium. The brand has been very well received since its launch and has won many national beauty awards. As a pharmacist, I am dedicated to solving the problem of eye sensitivity for women who have dry eyes, blepharitis, eczema or wear contact lenses.

NATorigin hypo-allergenic and natural cosmetics and skincare for sensitive eyes, dry eyes, blepharitis and lens wearers

Allergy Friendly Product Award

NATorigin is an approved Allergy Friendly Product range. Currently it is the only cosmetics or skincare range approved by Allergy UK. Alan Bolton, Executive Director at Allergy UK said, “Our panel of advisors was impressed by the selection of ingredients used in the range as the presence of ‘natural’ ingredients in skin care and cosmetics don’t necessarily guarantee that they will not irritate the skin or cause dermal sensitization.”

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National Eczema Week 2014 – how can NATorigin help?

September 15th, 2014

This week is National Eczema Week, a topic close to our hearts here at NATorigin.

Eczema can affect our lives in many different ways from just a bit of dry skin to serious bouts of sore, cracked skin. Our NATorigin skincare and cosmetic range is specially formulated for sensitive skin and is approved by Allergy UK. It is ideal for those suffering with dry, sensitive and sore skin. As the weather is changing it may be time to review your skincare regime and introduce some more moisturising products to prevent eczema flare ups and soothe them if it does happen.

National Eczema Week NATorigin hypoallergenic skincare and cosmetics

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Another TWO Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards for NATorigin natural and hypo-allergenic cosmetics

September 11th, 2014

Results for the 2014 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards have been announced and we are thrilled that NATorigin products have won again in two categories:

NATorigin natural and hypo-allergenic cosmetics wins TWO Platinum awards

Best Organic Makeup Foundation: NATorigin Loose Powder Foundation

Janey Lee says ““A beautifully light and illuminating powder with a long lasting flawless matt finish!”

Best natural mascara: NATorigin Lengthening Mascara

Janey Lee says “No clogging, lush and natural looking, NATorigin are hard to beat.”

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Who would benefit from switching to NATorigin?

September 9th, 2014

NATorigin – multi award winning, hypo-allergenic, natural and organic beauty for extremely sensitive allergy eyes and skin

NATorigin have recently launched hypo-allergenic powder eye shadows, formulated with 100% naturally sourced ingredients and certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife. They are made from the ultra-micronised shells of organic argan nuts from the Tree of Life and enriched with extracts of pomegranate.

Even organic cosmetics can contain irritating ingredients – NATorigin does not and has helped thousands of women wear cosmetics again.

Ultra-soft to the touch and extremely gentle on the skin they add a touch of colour and give the ideal finishing touch to eye makeup. The slight shimmer in the powder highlights the contours of the eye.

NATorigin hypo-allergenic and natural eye shadows

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NATorigin shortlisted for TWO Free From Skincare Awards and wins Silver

July 11th, 2014

NATorigin hypo-allergenic cosmetics shortlisted for TWO Free From Skincare Awards

The Skins Matter Free From Skincare Awards winners have been announced, but as sponsors, we never expect to be shortlisted.

So which TWO of our cosmetics made it through?

NATorigin Lipstick AND Compact Pressed Powder made it through to the next stage of judging. This involved thorough month long testing and appraisal by The Beauty Bible (
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Double success at The Green Parent Awards 2014

July 1st, 2014

Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2014We are thrilled to announce that The Green Parent Magazine has voted NATorigin as Best Eyeshadow and Best Mascara in their natural beauty awards.

The Green Parent Magazine Beauty Awards search for the cleanest, greenest and most effective natural products in a range of categories. The magazine has an independent panel of beauty experts to try out each of the submitted products and write about their experiences. After a sufficient period of testing, they select the award winners in each category. Read the rest of this entry »

NATorigin (VegSoc approved cosmetics) supports National Vegetarian Week 2014

May 19th, 2014

This week 19th to the 25th May is National Vegetarian Week (NVW2014). This aims to raise awareness of the benefits of a meat free lifestyle and offer support to anyone considering a switch to a veggie diet. A Veggie Challenge is available from their website along with lots of easy and tasty recipes to get you started. Every day this week, they are posting a new recipe to try that is fuss-free, tasty and 100% meat-free to get you started, along with a shopping list for the ingredients.


NATorigin VegSoc and Allergy UK approved cosmetics support National Vegetarian Week 2014

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Our optician and pharmacist answer your top 5 questions about eye sensitivity and hypo-allergenic cosmetics

May 9th, 2014

If you have sensitive eyes, skin, dry eyes, blepharitis, Meibomian gland dysfunction or wear contact lenses, we have the answers and products in our NATorigin range you may be looking for. Compared to regular cosmetics, NATorigin can reduce the rate of appearance of eyelid debris, have a significantly lower impact on the lipid layer of tears and not obstruct the Meibomian glands.

This is achieved by a unique ultra-micronisation production process and an avoidance of ingredients known to cause sensitivity such as parabens, chrome and nickel.

1.) Why does the eye area require specialist care – why can’t you just use a normal cleanser on the eye area?

The skin around the eye is thinnest on the body and therefore more susceptible to minor damage, infection and sensitivity. Also, it is easily clogged by heavy formulations and prone to whiteheads as a result and separate eye make up removers are formulated to avoid this.

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Allergy Awareness Week 2014 predicts hayfever hell

April 28th, 2014

It’s National Allergy Awareness Week from Monday 28th April to Sunday 4th May to help raise awareness of common allergies such as hayfever and their treatments.

Allergy UK has published an article about the rising rates of hay fever, its causes and how many people are not using their medication properly. This means they are struggling with symptoms such as sore, watery eyes, blocked and runny noses, sneezing, tiredness and an itchy throat. The article gives some really good advice tips on getting the best out of hayfever treatments. Maureen Jenkins, director of clinical services at Allergy UK, said: “We are urging people to check whether they are using their medication correctly rather than just soldiering on and ­prolonging their suffering.’


NATorigin natural and hypo-allergenic cosmetics are supporting Allergy Awareness Week 2014

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