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By Michelle Sutton 4 years ago 501 Views No comments

Just recently I have received a couple of enquiries about titanium. The main issue seems to be whether it is a toxin absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin possibly causing cancer.

Titanium is a white powder often used as a sunscreen, or to brighten colours and help lotions to spread easily. It is found in our natural environment and has extremely small particles, so is classed as a nanomaterial.

Titanium Powder

Titanium Powder

My first port of call was to look it up in my handy reference guide, ‘What’s Really in your Basket?’ This lists all food and beauty additives and assigns them with a traffic light colour and smiley or sad face to denote their safety. Titanium scores an orange face which denotes caution advised.


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A recent throwaway comment by one of our beauty bloggers @thesparkleicious got me thinking about sensitive skin.

Could it be your foundation?

She was reviewing our NATorigin loose powder foundation and said she usually prefers a liquid foundation as it covers her skin well, particularly as it is quite red at the moment.

I remember when my skin started getting red, raised and blotchy, I just covered it with more concealer, foundation and powder. I just put it down to hormones after having had my second son and hoped it would resolve. It never occurred to me that my skin could be sensitive to the products I was using and actually making it worse. I began to feel self-conscious about it and I worried that it would never go away.


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Just recently NATorigin has been making the headlines in a variety of newspapers and press publications.

First up is an article I wrote for Aromatherapy Times. This is the trade magazine for the International Federation of Aromatherapists who represent professional aromatherapists and it is distributed to their registered members. As essential oils can sometimes cause irritation, I wrote about the difference between allergy and intolerance. I then went on to explain how our formulations can avoid these and included a case study from one of our customers.

Pencil eye liner

So soft and easy to apply

Natural Health Magazine published an anti-ageing supplement entitled Ten Years Younger and ourFirming Anti-Wrinkle Cream was featured on the Beauty Buys page. This was a roundup of super effective goodies to fight the signs of ageing. All featured products were made from natural ingredients to show that they are just as good as their high street competitors.


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Autumn is well and truly here, temperatures are dropping outside and you may find your face, lips and hands feeling dry and tight, especially after washing. The following signs may also indicate that you need to ramp up your winter product choices:

  • Going back to your moisturiser to apply a second time
  • Applying your hand cream after every contact with water
  • Hunting around for a lip balm in your winter coat pockets

Using the same products all year round is not always the best strategy, as our skin changes its level of sebum production depending on the temperature and humidity outside. Once the central heating goes on, many women find their skin starts drying out, becoming more sensitive and the battle begins.

Lady applying moisturiser to dry skin

Moisturise well to avoid dry skin