Like all natural and organic products, NATorigin respects the environment. However the formulation and preparation of NATorigin products goes much further in order to meet the standards of Allergy Specialists and Dermatologists.

The key is the Bio-inertia of formations, for more information read the Why choose NATorigin section
Some essential ingredients do not have a suitable natural alternative (e.g. sodium hydroxide as a pH adjuster). We use a chemical buffer (phosphate) because natural buffers (citric acid/sodium citrate) are less well tolerated by sensitive skin and eyes. It is sometimes better to use a very small amount of an effective chemical product than a lot of an ineffective natural one.

Certain natural ingredients (preservatives, essential oils, pigments, etc) often used in organic/natural products are not used in the NATorigin range at the request of Allergy Specialists or Dermatologists in order to reduce the risk of reaction. Some preservatives authorized by natural and organic standards are synthetics but we believe are unsuitable (e.g. benzoic acid).
You can see a list of all known stockist in our UK stockists section.

If your local pharmacy/health store does not carry our products, they can still order them. Please ask them to contact us on 0333 700 6704.
Some NATorigin products do contain perfume.

The compositions/ingredients used do not contain any of the declarable allergens according to the 7th amendment to the European Cosmetics Directive of 2003.
Of the products which contain a fragrance, only the Hand and Nail Cream and the Eye make-up removers contain any synthetic fragrance.
Only the Pencil Eye Liners, Compact Face Powders, Loose Face Powders and Blushers contain talc.

The talc we use DOES NOT use the nano-sized particles which people have concerns about penetrating the skin.
The entire NATorigin range can be considered nickel free.

Some products (mascaras, liners) do contain iron oxides which can contain nickel as a contaminant. We use as pure a form of iron oxide as possible (nickel content less than 1ppm) and also the minimum amount necessary. Therefore, even if someone has a nickel allergy, they are unlikely to have a reaction due to this.
Some NATorigin products DO contain titanium dioxide however, we DO NOT use nano-sized particles of titanium or any other ingredients because they are suspected of penetrating into the skin.

The titanium dioxide we use is ultra-micronised or finely milled into particles with non-aggressive geometry (smooth not jagged edges) that are less likely to cause a reaction.

Part of the process for Vegetarian Society approval and Vegan Society registration checks at whether products have been tested on animals.
The entire range is Vegetarian Society approved.

The majority of the range is also registered with the Vegan Society, only the few product contain beeswax are not.
No and the mascara wands do not contain latex or rubber either.