What’s going on?

This year’s Allergy Awareness Week is here and on Wednesday the focus is on skin allergies. From the 25th April to the 1st May, watch out for news, blogs and features from Allergy UK. This is a national charity established to represent people with allergy, food intolerance and chemical sensitivity.

NATorigin natural cosmetics for dry eyes and blepharitis supports ALLERGY AWARENESS WEEK 2016

NATorigin‘s involvement

We work closely with Allergy UK to raise awareness of their allergy-friendly products. They have prepared a list of key points to remember about skin allergies;

– Allergy friendly products can be high-quality, great products!
– Skin allergy can occur any time at any age. Often caused by products you’ve used for years without problems and once you have it; it’s for life.
– Don’t necessarily trust labels just because they say ‘organic’ or ‘natural’. Natural ingredients can be highly allergenic!
– Fragrances and preservatives are the ingredients that most often cause skin allergy.
– Allergy UK has a helpline for questions on skin allergy and how to avoid it: 01322 619 898

What can you do to help?

Feel free to share these tips with your friends and families. Someone you know may be struggling with allergies or sensitivities and the support offered from Allergy UK is exceptional. I have referred friends and pharmacy patients to their helpline and they have received extremely helpful advice. Examples include; diagnosing and managing their nut, dental anaesthetic, nickel, sulphite and latex allergies. The website is very informative with entries on these and other specific allergies and details of their helpline.

We are proud that NATorigin is approved by Allergy UK to be beneficial to allergy sufferers. We will continue to work together to educate women on dealing with their skin allergies.


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