Why you should clean your makeup brushes EVERY WEEK

As a working mum, my morning makeup routine is extremely fast and there is little time to faff around with applicators or brushes. If you can identify with this, then like me, you probably need a reminder to wash any brushes you do use.

In the evening, there is sometimes a bit more time to use an eyeshadow brush from our sister range Eye Care Cosmetics instead of my fingers and that is a real treat!

I use a powder brush to apply both my blusher and loose powder foundation and must admit I should wash it weekly but don’t! I also use a cosmetic sponge to apply pressed powder during the day.

So it got me thinking….

What builds up on makeup brushes that needs washing off?

  • Cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream from our skincare regimes
  • Any sebum or sweat that has formed on the skin throughout the day
  • The previous day’s blusher, powder, lipstick or eyeshadow
  • Detritus from the bottom of the makeup bag
  • Daily dirt and pollutants from the outside world passed onto powder sponges during touch ups

A pretty good concoction would you agree? What struck me was the combination of tacky or oily things along with various solid particles that would stick together and build up, day after day over time. I am sure that under a microscope this would look horrendous.

What problems does this build up create?

  • Bacteria love to feed on this sort of oily, dirty mess so re-using unwashed brushes can cause blocked pores leading to acne, spots or breakouts.
  • As a pharmacist, I have seen that eye infections such as conjunctivitis, impetigo and cold sores are extremely contagious and can be spread around your face by an unclean brush.
  • Also, the bristles are unable to move separately or softly. They harden and clump together, scratching at the skin and causing irritation.
  • Every time a congealed brush is dabbed into a powder, it contaminates the rest of the powder which then re-contaminates the brush the next time, causing a vicious circle with every application.

At a couple of recent beauty awards where we have won, we bumped into Tom Pellereau, one of Alan Sugar’s Apprentice winners (see bottom right image above, Tom is on the left). He has invented the awards finalist StylPro brush cleaner and tested 35 makeup brushes for bacteria.

He found of the 35 brushes tested 58% were deemed unhygienic for use, 34% had dangerously high levels of bacteria and two had more bacteria than would be expected on a toilet brush! Also, 44% of women had NEVER cleaned their brushes!!

If like me, you only use one or two powder applicators, then I find a natural hand wash or shower gel does the job really well.

I hope this blog encourages you to wash your nickel-free makeup brushes and applicators WEEKLY. It certainly does me. Especially if like me, you also have sensitive skin or eyes, as many of our lovely NATorigin fans do.

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