How Cold Weather Can Dry Out Your Skin

So DECEMBER is here….

….and this is where my skin starts to suffer as the months of colder weather continue. Why is this?

In summer, I can apply a quick slick of NATorigin Detoxifying Moisturising Cream and that’s it. It’s a lighter lotion and barely there.

In winter however, I add in NATorigin Regenerating Lifting Serum and by late winter move up to the Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream to fight off the cold winds and central heating.

So why does our skin dry out in winter?

The colder temperatures, winds and draughts physically chap away at delicate or sensitive skin whenever we are outside. I like to walk and cycle regularly throughout the winter and notice my skin becomes more sensitive as the temperature between indoors and outdoors fluctuates more.

I find that my skin is definitely less oily in winter as sebum production seems to drop. Sebum is the natural protective oil produced by the sebaceous glands under the skin. It hydrates and keep the skin supple and just like butter in a butter dish, it hardens as the temperature drops outside and becomes more solid than liquid. This makes it harder for the oil to be released from the glands onto the skin.

After years of having oily/combination skin myself, I enjoy the first part of winter as my skin is drier and less shiny but by December, I do need to ramp up my moisturising routine.

What can we do to help?

Wearing a scarf around the mouth and nose has recently been found to reduce asthma attacks. I find this can protect my skin too and keep it warm and hydrated, especially as my cheeks are the driest area on my face.

I avoid using water to remove my cleanser in winter and switch to using facial tissues. As NATorigin cleanser is enriched with anti-oxidant arctic raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and hydrating aloe and red seaweed extract, it is a skin treatment in itself. It deserves to be left in contact with the skin for longer, once the makeup and daily dirt has been removed.

Try not to have the central heating on high, all day every day as it dries out the air inside. Wrap up warm, keep moving and light a fire if you have one. Our sister site, Butterflies Eyecare sells Radiator Humidifiers that hold water in a metal tube. The water gradually evaporates into the air, replacing the moisture lost from central heating.

Finally, remember to ramp up your winter skincare with NATorigin Regenerating Serum and Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Their combined natural ingredients give a powerful boost to the skin and include;

  • anti-oxidant, nourishing and hydrating shea butter
  • anti-inflammatory, anti-free radical raspberry seed oil, rich in omega oils
  • softening and lubricating safflower, soybean and jojoba oils
  • two extracts of cell-stimulating and purifying seaweed
  • moisturising aloe barbadensis extract
  • anti-oxidant, healing and anti-inflammatory vitamin E

By avoiding irritating ingredients and preparing the carefully selected natural ingredients in a unique way, NATorigin is ideal for sensitive skin and eyes.

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