Hard working creams with the very best natural hydrating extracts.

Winter is well and truly here and temperatures are dropping outside. You may find your face, lips and hands lack moisture making them feel dry and tight, especially after washing.

NATorigin firming antiwrinkle cream adds natural moisture to sensitive skin

The following signs indicate that you need to ramp up your winter product choices:

  • Going back to your moisturiser to apply a second time
  • Applying your hand cream after every contact with water

Using the same products all year round is not always the best idea. Our skin changes its level of sebum production depending on the temperature and humidity outside. Once the central heating goes on, many women find their skin starts drying out, becoming more sensitive and the battle to add moisture begins.

What can NATorigin do?

NATorigin skincare for sensitive skin combines the riches of the oceans with the biodiversity of the arctic. This Vegetarian Society vegan approved registered skincare range is enriched with ultra-moisturising and anti-oxidant plant and marine extracts that are high in omega oils and vitamin E to increase moisture and nourish the skin. Approved by Allergy UK to be beneficial to allergy sufferers, cleansing and moisturising sensitive skin is no longer a problem.

Aloe vera:

From the leaves of Aloe barbadensis plants, it is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients including beta-carotene, vitamin C and E. It enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, ensuring this alcohol-free toner is non-drying. Aloe forms a protective layer on the skin, reduces skin inflammation plus has rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties.

Cellular red seaweed:

The ocean is abundant with sources of natural ingredients. Seaweed has a high concentration of biologically active silicium, with multiple cell-stimulating, hydrating, softening and purifying properties, which help to develop and improve your skin’s elasticity, radiance and softness.

Arctic raspberry seed oil:

Vegetation in the arctic has adapted to long harsh winters and round the clock summer daylight. Organic arctic raspberry seeds are rich in active ingredients, including Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 and 9 which help to protect your skin through their anti-inflammatory, nourishment and hydration properties.

Natural and hypoallergenic NATorigin Regenerating Lifting Serum

Regenerating lifting serum
Apply a moisturising serum before your moisturiser morning and night with super-moisturising natural seed oils high in natural essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9).


Firming anti-wrinkle cream
Opt for a richer moisturiser with ingredients such as shea butter because it absorbs rapidly and non-greasy and silicium from red seaweed as it is extremely hydrating and softening.

Hand and Nail Cream
Choose a hand cream containing shea butter, seed oils and silicium. The reason for that is seed oils enable the skin to fight bacterial infection, repair damaged cells and regenerate new ones.

Treat your dry, sensitive skin to the very best natural, hydrating extracts this winter.


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