Ramp up your winter beauty buys to beat dry skin

Winter is well and truly here, temperatures are dropping outside and you may find your face, lips and hands feeling dry and tight, especially after washing.

The following signs may also indicate that you need to ramp up your winter product choices:

  • Going back to your moisturiser to apply a second time
  • Applying your hand cream after every contact with water
  • Hunting around for a lip balm in your winter coat pockets

Using the same products all year round is not always the best strategy, as our skin changes its level of sebum production depending on the temperature and humidity outside. Once the central heating goes on, many women find their skin starts drying out, becoming more sensitive and the battle begins.

NATorigin natural moisturiser with shea butter

Moisturise well to avoid dry skin

Tips to save your dry skin before it’s too late

  1. Apply a moisturising serum before your moisturiser morning and night. These often contain super-moisturising ingredients such as plant extracts and natural seed oils. Seed oils are nourishing and hydrating as a result of a high concentration in natural essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9).
  2. Opt for a richer moisturiser with ingredients such as shea butter, silicium, plant, nut and seed oils. Shea butter absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Silicium comes from a cellular extract of red seaweed and is extremely hydrating and softening.
  3. Choose a hand cream containing shea butter, seed oils and silicium. The seed oils enable the skin to fight bacterial infection, repair damaged cells and regenerate new ones.
  4. Switch to a lipstick that acts as a lip balm too containing waxes, oils and shea butter. We swallow our lipstick throughout the day, so choose a chemical free one.
  5. Attach humidifiers to your radiators to keep moist air circulating.
  6. Consider taking an omega 3 supplement, especially if you also suffer from dry eyes.

If your hands or lips are so dry that they have split, choosing natural, chemical free products will avoid absorption of unwanted chemicals and speed up the healing process.

Let the battle against dry skin commence!

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