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Allergies, hayfever and NATorigin natural beauty

Rising rates of hayfever Allergy UK has noticed the rising rates of allergies especially hayfever, its causes and how many people are not using their medication properly. This means they are struggling with symptoms such as sore, watery eyes, blocked and runny noses, sneezing, tiredness and an itchy throat. Allergy UK give really good advice tips […]

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Can eye cosmetics be anti-inflammatory?

The early pollens have been out in force since April from the ash, birch and oak trees, causing sore, inflamed eyes for hayfever sufferers, particularly those sitting exams this month. Choosing allergy-friendly eye cosmetics can help, particularly those with skin healing and nourishing properties to boost the skin’s natural defences. NATorigin pencil eye liners and […]

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The Allergy UK Hero Awards

2016 is Allergy UK’s 25th Anniversary year and to celebrate this, the Allergy UK Hero Awards ceremony was held. The awards aim to raise awareness of allergies and the people who live with and treat them. The aim of the awards We were invited to Allergy UK’s Hero Awards in London’s Grand Connaught Rooms on Thursday 8th September. It was lovely […]

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